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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

It’s payback time!

Gabiru’s hubris may have him way over his head, but there’s still hope for the Lizardmen. His sister was able to escape imprisonment. She’s fled, and luck has found her right before Rimuru’s party. After tending to her wounds, she reports what has happened within the marshlands. Breaking their agreement was highly regrettable, still she pleads for help. Without any reinforcements her people will be wiped out. Now, breaking the deal was of little consequence. Rimuru set out to defeat the Orc Lord either way, although he will still form an alliance. The strongest monsters within the forest will now clash, yet it will be a one sided massacre. Those under Rimuru wield power these woods have not seen in ages. Additionally, there’s no need to hold back here. Culling the sea of orcs is the first step in bringing out the Orc Lord himself.

Today’s episode was highly focused on the battle at hand. We haven’t gotten to the Orc Lord yet, but he’ll be next. Those under Rimuru need to show off their stuff, too. Moreover, we got to see the one in charge of this Orc Lord operation. Gelmud is the forward face for this plot within Jura Forest. Recent developments have him on edge, though. The ones truly behind this plan may not be to happy about how things are developing. Far beyond the woods, everything is being watched, yet by who? After the battle we’ll be meeting a few powerful faces. Nevertheless, we’ve got to deal with the Orc Lord first. When next we meet, Rimuru will begin to act. Anyhow, let’s get some revenge in for the ogre village. Enjoy the orc slaughter!





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The Orc Lord is going to have to wait. We’ll be back for more next year!

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