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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

It’s a big success!

Before we can send Hitomi off, we’ve got one last major event to attend. The Magic Photography Arts Club has been hard at work. Their display for the festival will be like no other. Having magic by one’s side really draws in the crowd. Both days were a major hit for visitors, though none of this would of be possible without Hitomi. Her growth towards magic has been a sight to behold. Still, there’s one one last thing she’ll need a little growing in. As we’ve known for some time now, Hitomi has a special someone she has feelings for. This person is obviously Yuito, yet can their feelings reach one another in time? Once the festival is over it will be time to send Hitomi back home.

So ends the sweet club life for Hitomi. Nevertheless, they ended the day with a magical display of fireworks. Seeing the sky light up engulfed Hitomi with a wave of emotion. For the first time in a long time, she saw the beauty of fireworks in color. Under that same night sky, Hitomi must return home. Staying any longer threatens her existence, and preparations are all complete. Now, she hasn’t left yet, so we’re in store for some heartbreaking final words. Yuito can’t leave things just like this. Anyhow, it’s time to indulge in the festive activities. Enjoy the hand holding!





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We’re heading back to the future. Still, be sure to join us for one final review in a week’s time!

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