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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

So, you’ve come again?

After countless years of sitting at the top, they’ve returned. A mass of death just like him stands to appose his broken ideals. Yet, there was a time when Twice Pieceman sought out the Moon Cell’s core. A wish from his human life propelled him to the top. No matter how many times it took, he would make it to the final floor. Reaching the core was his everything, then it rejected him. An NPC can not gain entrance into the core, though Twice remained at the top. He awaited a Master that could carry on his ideals. Sadly, no such Master ever arrived. No matter how long he waited, there was no one that could match him. During those long lonely years at the top, he broke. Burning away everything he was, Twice only carried on as a fragment. Still, that remnant would carry out one final objective. The ultimate destruction of mankind. Using his former servant’s noble phantasm began this breakdown, thus they’ve come to put a stop to him.

A clash between Dead Face’s will not be our heroes target. After all, there’s no way to kill what is already dead. Instead they will invest everything they have into reaching the core. However, the core has been locked behind a barrier by Chakravartin. Stopping this ring of light won’t be easy, though. Those arrows of light show no mercy to its foes. Regardless, bringing down that wheel will restore humanities final hope. Sacrifices must be made to do this, still they will break through to the core. Mankind will be given one last chance.

This certainly was a different kind of ending we’ve come to know from Fate. The typical final fight between servants will not be found here. Now, that doesn’t mean this was a bad ending, but it did lack a certain impact. Saving humanity is great and all, though it could of looked a bit more epic. Having a wheel of light being your final encounter just doesn’t sell well. Nevertheless, I can’t say I wasn’t excited for this Fate project. When this was first announced, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. It was even more of treat since Shaft would be animating it. Shaft’s take on Fate was adventurous without a doubt. Many of the earlier episodes had an atmosphere that can’t be found within other Fate shows. Our time with Alice was a favorite of mine. Still, with all that in mind, I can not give this show high marks. My love for the Fate franchise remains strong, although I can’t turn a blind eye to a weak ending.

Last Encore may be no better than a 6, but don’t let that get in your way of enjoying this work. There are many great moments to be found within this show. The dynamics between Hakuno and Nero made for some stellar battles. They may not of been the most powerful duo, but they rose to the top. Additionally, this a Fate series that has a clear winner. Congratulations to Rin, she was the last remaining true Master. Well, true enough for these Moon Cell games. Anyhow, there’s a whole new world out there. Enjoy the race to the core!



ED: One last change to the ending to bring it all around.




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This won’t be the last time you see a Fate project on here. Be sure to return on Christmas for a special movie review!

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