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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

So, about those orcs?

Rimuru’s invitation is greatly appreciated by the ogres. After losing their entire clan, they are the 6 who remain. Now, normally orcs going up against ogres would be impossible. Orcs are simply weaker than ogres, and have very little organization. However, these orcs were different. Their forces crushed the ogre village, but for good reason. Someone is pulling the strings on these orcs. Regardless, a great threat has now entered the forest. In order to fend off a possible incoming army, Rimuru has requested that the ogres become his subordinates. They have no plans going forward, after all. Additionally, joining Rimuru comes with a name! A name that will grant them power to match their superior status. Welcome to the goblin village, Benimaru and co.

The hostile presence of the orcs have also been noticed by another group. The Lizardmen of Jura Forest have been watching them. These orcs have amassed an army over 200,000. This was thought to be impossible, yet there is the legend of the Orc Lord. Every few centuries a legendary orc rises to power. Such an orc would be able to command an astonishing force, though something is amiss. How is this army filing the bellies of so many? Not even the Lizardmen could match half their forces. Nevertheless, this impending threat has forced the leader of the Lizardmen to seek out aid from other monsters. He has sent out his son, Gabiru, to begin negotiations. Yet, Gabiru has quite a lot on his mind, and those that surround him don’t help matters. He’s willing to follow his father’s orders, but for how long? Anyhow, negotiations will begin next time. Enjoy today’s well earned rest, Rimuru!





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The orcs are coming! Find out their next move every Monday here at, Anime Solution.

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