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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 61

by Yumiko

Burn them… all?

Baiting Ladros over to the other side of the forest went off without a hitch. He’ll be put out of commission as quickly as he arrived, too. However, the biggest threat around still stands. Once Fana’s third eye opened up it was a fight for life, though circumstances have changed. Upon seeing Mars for the first time in the outside world, Fana has hesitated. Her childhood memories and disdain for humans have begun to conflict. Moreover, Mars is willing to put everything on the line to save Fana. He wasn’t strong enough to stand beside her when they were children, but this time he won’t fail her. They have both made it to the outside world, although Mars will need some help getting through to Fana. An inferno has amassed while her emotions have gone unchecked. Accompanying him through the flames will be a former foe of his, Asta. Regardless, while Asta cuts through to Fana, Mars will pull her back to humanity. His long lost childhood friend will smile once more no matter how much pain he must endure. Fana will be free!

Talk about a teary ending, although there’s more going on here. Turns out, Mars’s change in mentality was all thanks to Asta. Way back on his first dungeon mission, Asta was able to dispel the brain washing placed upon Mars. Ever since then Mars changed everything about himself. He’ll have a surprising goal to reveal at the end off all this, too. Additionally, Fana’s split in memories may seem a bit odd if you’re only watching the anime, but as the show progresses it will make sense. Many things about the Eye of the Midnight Sun remain mysterious, yet we’re getting real close to some big reveals. Anyhow, the best of this arc is still coming up. Enjoy your temporary victory, Asta!


This portion of the episode is a repeat of what was shown during episode 19. I’m not going to re-stitch everything again, so check the old review for those stitches.




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