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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Let’s reminisce!

The rising tension between Momo and Yuki was not without due cause. It’s a mentor’s job to look out for their disciple, after all. Still, there’s more to why Yuki is a bit overprotective. In order to ease things between these two, we’re off for a date! Today’s outing was mainly to deepen their bond, but to also explain Yuki’s past. Her recruitment into Tsukikage began more than 2 years ago. Her mentor was Nagaho, and she showed her how to be truly strong. Drawing upon the power to protect the city they loved was all she needed. Under Nagaho’s guidance, Yuki enjoyed some of her finest days out to the fullest. There was never a dull moment when Nagaho was around. Unfortunately, during this time Moryo was at its height. They boldly moved about, although Tsukikage met them at each turn. Regardless, Moryo continued to push forward, and it came at a high price. During a crucial operation to save the world, Nagaho fell in battle. However, her fall saved the one she treasured the most, Yuki. In doing so Nagaho’s love for Sorasaki lived on. That same love will now be passed on. Even though they never met, Momo shall now carry it forward.

Things are always better when a pair can work together. After learning about Yuki’s past, Momo and Yuki are now working as one. Nevertheless, getting to the bottom of all the recent investigations is crucial. Moryo has done an excellent job of using others to clean up their own tracks, still their movements can be traced. The woman who took down Nagaho has been identified. Her arrival into Sorasaki changed the game, though she won’t be able to hide any longer. A mission to eradicate Moryo has begun. Likewise, Moryo’s biggest operation is underway. Their tireless work was all to completely crush Tsukikage. We’re in for a major clash next time. Anyhow, enough reminiscing. Enjoy the beloved city of Sorasaki!





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All missions are a go! Now, just who will stand on top? Join us next Sunday for the beginning of the end.

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