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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

No bully, please!

Those no good nobles are at it again. This time the target of their malice shall be Eugeo. They may be all close in ranks, but being a commoner throws Eugeo down to the pits. Now, in order to show off their superiority, they offer Eugeo a lesson. Euego is fully aware they hold the first and second seat, still he takes them up on their offer. Humbert is more than willing to dish out today’s lesson, yet Eugeo’s strength proves far greater than his. Before a decisive blow could be struck, Raios calls the duel a draw. Unfortunately, Humbert can’t accept these results. Wounding the pride of a noble will also come with a set of consequences. Humbert has begun to abuse his position of power over his trainee. Forcing her to do deviant acts crossed a moral line, although not one that broke any rules. Regardless, once Eugeo and Kirito are informed, they were quick to get the situation under control. They’ve gone down the diplomatic route first with these two, however Raios and Humbert have deflected any wrongdoings. No school rules or the Taboo Index were broken, nevertheless there’s some things a person should never do.

Today’s episode may have appeared to be your typical haughty nobles going about their way, yet there’s more going on here. Kirito’s purpose within Underworld is beginning to shine. Now, remember the big issue within this game is everyone absolutely follows the Taboo Index. No one questions or even thinks to disobey these laws. However, when Humbert’s actions came to light, Kirito pointed out the wrongness of these nobles. Yes, they didn’t break any laws, though there are just some things one shouldn’t do. On the other hand, there may be times one must go against the law to do the right thing. This bit of critical thinking is a key piece missing from the AIs being raised here. These AIs are simply just obeying and not thinking on their own. Those around Kirito still have a ways to go before they can truly break the system, though this small push could have a larger effect to come. Anyhow, it’s time for the marriage proposal. Enjoy and remember to stay cool!





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