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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko


Shou’s beloved high school life is quickly coming to an end. These treasured days may be dwindling, but he can live each one of them without regret. As such, Shou is willing to take a huge chance at love. His feelings towards Hitomi have only grown since they first met. Everyone around him has noticed it, too. Those eyes have only been fixated upon Hitomi. Regardless, this love of his is one sided. After an amazing day out with Hitomi, he dropped the confession. Hitomi was at a complete loss when confronted with this situation. All she could do in that moment was run. Now, she did not run out of fear. She respects Shou, yet she never considered anyone out there would be interested in her. Still, it would take her some time to face Shou again. When her emotions were finally collected, she apologized to Shou. Her official rejection to him also comes with some startling news. She’s interested in someone else, though who could that be!?

Today’s dive at love also comes with expected drama. Asagi may just to be a childhood friend in Shou’s eyes, but she has longed for something more. When she found out about the confession, she was devastated. Her love for Shou would appear to be one sided, as well. Moreover, this has put Hitomi in a difficult spot. Her love rival got the one thing she dreamed of, yet turned it down. Asagi is now on the run, nevertheless let’s hope Shou can open up his eyes a little bit more. There’s love out there for each of them, they just have to find it. Anyhow, enough running. Enjoy the love triangle!





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Will the love drama continue? Join us for another magical showdown next Friday!

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