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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

You can’t fight forever.

As Shizue’s end slowly approaches, she recounts her time living in this new world. Once summoned and consumed by Ifrit, Leon Cromwell controlled her world. The ruthlessness she endured under this Demon Lord was unspeakable, but her time with him would come to an end. Shizue was left behind as a sacrifice to buy time once Leon’s castle came under assault. The Hero quickly bested Shizue, though she did not fall here. Our Hero only wished to know about Shizue’s circumstances. Belief in her story seemed like a long shot, however this Hero has quite the heart. On the day Shizue was left behind to die, she was instead rescued by the Hero. Still, one problem remained. Ifrit’s hold upon Shizue was absolute, and full control of the spirit was impossible. In order to give Shizue a chance at life, the Hero gifted her with a mask. This mask helped keep Ifrit at bay for decades. During this time Shizue learn about the world, gained many new abilities, and helped out a great number of people. Regardless, keeping Ifrit under control could only last so long. Retiring from adventuring duties led Shizue to her next path in life, teaching. She led a class of students from other worlds. It was a time of joy seeing her pupils grow before her, although at the same time Ifrit’s will only grew stronger. When sensing her time was near, Shizue set out on one last adventure. She sought to find the man that had summoned her, unfortunately this is one quest she won’t be completing.

Shizue has able to live for quite sometime, although this was partly due to her connection with Ifrit. When these two became separated, Shizue began to rapidly age. After the battle with Ifrit, Rimuru remained by her side. Her time was coming, but he heard her out til the end. Before closing her eyes for the final time, she made one request. She wished not to be buried within this world. Instead she wanted to rest inside Rimuru. This is a world she lived out a cursed existence, thus she bore little love to return to it. Rimuru accepted Shizue’s last request, yet that wasn’t all he would take on. He will also inherit her will of things she could not carry out in life. An oath has been sworn on this day. Leon shall acknowledge Shizue as a human. Additionally, Rimuru will seek out the children she helped raise. They may be grown now, still they might be needing some help. Anyways, the fortune telling has come to pass. The one Rimuru was destined to be with will forever remain within him.

Talk about back to back stellar episodes. I can’t say we have these often enough. Now, moving forward the whole Shizue thing is going to be put on hold for a bit. We’ll be getting to it later, though. As for the upcoming arc, well let’s just say a major threat is brewing. A mysterious figure has gifted an orc a name, and been given him a directive. Disaster may be heading for Jura Forest. Anyhow, it’s time to say our final good-byes. Enjoy the end of the arc!





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Friend or foe? We’ll be meeting a new set of faces next time, so be sure to join us!

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