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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 59

by Yumiko

Let’s talk things through?

Things will never again feel quite right for Fana. After what she witnessed on that tragic day, she only feels hate for humans. Massacred by the one human her people began to trust changed everything. They were promised a union between both their races, yet death was what they were given. Still, Asta would like to get to the bottom of this. Why is there such a growing feud between the Eye of Midnight Sun and the Clover Kingdom? Well, Fana isn’t very much in the mood for talking. She’s only out here to burn all those that stand before her. Revenge may be her game, however the Bulls are never to be taken lightly. We’ve seen them hone their ability to work as a team over and over again. Now, they’ll be combining all that work in order to take down one of the great elemental spirits. Take that Salamander down, Asta!

Today’s episode featured several fantastic moments. Let’s begin with the continued growth of Noelle. She may be of noble birth, but that’s all her family recognizes her for. Her lack of mana control and being the downfall of their mother turned the household against her. Regardless, when empowered by her comrades those dreadful memories of the past no longer burden her. Unleashing her dragon for the 2nd time proves she’s a contender in these high profile fights. Moreover, Asta finally got to reveal a move he’s been working on for quite some time. It may have been a straight froward slingshot rush, though Fana won’t be forgetting that Bull Thrust anytime soon. Nevertheless, Asta’s got much more to show us during this Arc. We haven’t gotten to the best of it yet. Anyhow, we’ll be heading over to the other side of the woods next time. Enjoy the awakening of another third eye!


That’s a big yikes from me, Studio Pierrot.




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