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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Moryo is on the move!

The growing conflict between Hatsume and Theresia will be put on hold for now. An experimental drug has been released upon the public. Mass hysteria cripples the city of Sorasaki instantly. At every turn people appeared to have lost their minds. Fortunately, Tsukikage rolled out fast enough to contain the chaos. However, one of their own was hit by the drug. Tsukikage’s ace in the hole, Goe, has gone on a uncontrollable rampage. Those that stand before her won’t be standing for long. She isn’t ranked at the top for nothing. Pulling Hatsume back onto the front lines will be Tsukikage’s only hope. The connection between disciple and mentor runs deep in this organization, after all. Regardless, the suppression of Goe wasn’t an easy one. She’ll be giving our girls hell before coming back to her senses.

Goe is safe and sound, although what about this drug that afflicted her? Tsukikage has tracked the origins of this drug, and we’ll be heading over to Okinawa. Additionally, the timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. Momo was just in the mood to begin having some summer fun. Hopefully we’re in store for a beach episode. Nevertheless, key details are sure to be found on this island. Moryo’s goal to control the masses has become clear. It will be up to Tsukikage to protect not just Sorasaki, but the world. Project Gekkako is proceeding as scheduled. Anyhow, the secret is out of the bag. Enjoy the action packed rescue operation!


Not a single person was killed during this event. They sure were lucky.




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