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Goblin Slayer T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Time for a day in the life.

There won’t be any goblin slaying on this fine day. Today we’ll be experiencing the everyday ups and downs for new adventurers. Now, moving up the ranking ladder is typically an aspiration held by all adventurers. A rank up doesn’t come easily, though. One must prove their worth before the guild. In the case of our Priestess, she has earned her way into the Obsidian rank. However, not everyone is playing fair for rank ups. We’ll see a certain Rhea demoted due to being a cheat and liar. Moreover, we also got to witness the struggle of a Porcelain ranked duo. Taking out giant rats should be easy enough for beginners, however even this proves to be quite the task for these two. In order to overcome their first failure, they’ve sought out advice to improve their game. Well, even Goblin Slayer can teach a thing or two to newbies. It may not involve goblins, but his advice is solid nonetheless.

Goblin Slayer has had enough rest, so where are we heading to next? Well, the anime is taking an interesting turn of events. The order of events to come have been swapped. We’re heading to Water Town at the request of a former Gold ranked adventurer. Normally this would of happened later on, but things have been changed up so the anime has a bigger bang of an ending. Nevertheless, this will certainly change up some interactions, though I’m sure White Fox will amend this. Anyhow, Sword Maiden awaits. Enjoy the newbie struggle life!





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We’ll be back to the normal routine real soon. So, join us next Wednesday for more goblin slaying here at, Anime Solution!

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