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Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Let’s keep it pure!

La Tremoille may have fled, but he’s been hard at work to regain his rightful place. Retaking his title will be an uphill battle, though. First, Jeanne must be disposed of. Her newly established role and power presents an overwhelming problem. So, let’s demonize her. Rumor has it that Jeanne slept with the devil to gain her power. Now, if she wishes to prove otherwise the church is ready to give her a purity test. Unfortunately, this test is just a way to bait her out, and those that stand beside her know the awaited outcome. However, the people have begun to turn their backs on Jeanne. Her refusal to take the test pushes the locals to the extreme. A confrontation between both sides was the expected outcome, although Jeanne will settle the matter without any lives being lost. Standing strong as ever before her fellow countrymen, she pledges to take the test.

This war has everyone’s tensions running high, and the drama behind this purity test did not help matters. Richemont in particular has had it rough throughout all this. She was unable to secure soldiers for the upcoming battle, or attract the eyes of Montmorency. Her breaking point would come about when Princess Charlotte let her tongue slip. Insulting her family has turned Richemont against the renewed cause. She has now resigned from her position, yet there was more bad news to come. La Hire and her mercenaries will not fight if Richemont is gone. Richemont’s vacancy from the war table spells certain doom, nevertheless one girl still has hope. Jeanne has picked up the royal sword, Joyeuse. The sword may look dull, but it is a weapon forged with a Philosopher’s Stone. Using this sword will have knights all across France rushing to their aid.

The promised friendship is in disarray yet again. Matters are only about to get worse, too. Philip’s desire to complete her father’s goal has pushed her to delve into forbidden powers. Donning a cursed helmet will change the face of this beauty. A dark Ulysses has been born on this day, and she seeks to build an empire. We’ll be facing off the against the Dark Lady next time. Anyhow, it’s time to take the test. Enjoy the purity!





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The long awaited villain has shown her true colors. Join us next week to see her first steps in action!

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KayKay (@guest_240)
5 years ago

Nice job on this review again!! (^_^)/
Btw, i really find this anime is basically a Fate Apocrypha in disguise with better fanservice. XD Seriously!! I think i can classify the characters into different different class of servants. For instance:
This is Rider:comment image
This is Saber: comment image
This is Archer: comment image
This is Berserker: comment image
This is Caster: comment image
And I consider Jeanne as Lancer: comment image
Do you agree with the classifications? Hopefully this anime will be having the quality like Fate Apocrypha with a lot of fanservice in it!!!

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  KayKay
5 years ago

This show seems to have an odd relationship with fan service. It’s there every episode, but they never really follow through with it. It’s more like we get 30 sec of tease, then onto another topic. However, the entire show is like that. Things go very fast, and we kinda just have to accept events in rapid fire. Moreover, as for these characters fitting into Fate classes, well anything possible since F/GO. Jeanne already represent 3 classes on her own.