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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

What does it mean to take responsibility?

Chihiro’s dream situation has become a reality. A beauty beyond his wildest imagination has been reborn. However, before the accident a promise was made. If Rea was ever able to join the ranks of the living dead, then Chihiro would look after her. Now, Chihiro agreed to this without a moments hesitation. He never imagined his elixir would actually work, or Rea would ever come back to life. Regardless, that’s all in the past now. It’s time for Chihiro to own up to his words, though what does it mean to take responsibility for a zombie? Well, Rea has a few things in mind. She wishes to do all the things she couldn’t do in life. Death has freed her from her oppressive father, thus she’s ready to experience it all. Unfortunately, taking responsibility for a zombie means more than just having a good time. Chihiro will soon learn that maintaining a zombie comes with quite a lot of work.

Someone will have to pay for this death! After witnessing his daughter’s death, Danichirou was thrown into a fit of shock. He could not believe his precious Rea was gone. However, at the same time she wasn’t gone. She stands again, although in a very much undead state. It took sometime for Danichirou to piece together everything. Nevertheless, in his heart he knows who the true culprit of all this is. This all began once Rea saw that boy. Chihiro, you’ve best be watching your back. A man of influence has begun to plot. Anyhow, the rigor mortis is beginning to kick in. Enjoy another Sankaween!





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The living dead and I will continue to press on. So, look forward to more blu-ray reviews here at, Anime Solution!

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