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Goblin Slayer T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

That’s no goblin!

Goblin Slayer’s adventure with his new companions has led him to an old abandon fortress. These walls may have once hosted a place among humans, however it has now become a goblin nest. Exploring these forgotten halls led the group to horrors and goblins alike. Now, once the nest was found a plan to kill them all was hatched. Unable to call for help, or even retaliate, they were all killed as quickly as they were spotted. Unfortunately, these goblins were not operating on their own. Their leader poses a true threat to our adventurers. An orge with mastery of fire and regenerative abilities has come to enact his revenge. These goblins were a gift, and he’ll see to it that these invaders pay dearly. Goblin Slayer has no interest in such a monster, although there’s no getting out of this one. Taking out this orge will also require everything he’s got. This won’t be as simple as chopping down a lot of goblins. A scroll of true destructive power will be this orge’s undoing.

Another successful goblin slaying has been done. The elves may rest easy on this night. Still, even with one nest being cleared there’s many more out there. Goblin Slayer’s job has only just begun. His long hunt for the death of all goblins shall continue. Nevertheless, one can’t go hunting nonstop. I feel some much needed rest is on the way. Regardless, the goblin threat rests for no one. We’ll soon be back into it with a new threat. Anyhow, it’s time to kill them in their sleep. Enjoy the scroll!





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Time for a moment to breathe. Join us next week for another day in the life.

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