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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 56

by Yumiko

Let’s delve into the past once more.

Asta and Fanzell may have gone their separate ways, but fate would have them reunite again. After the events that took place during Asta’s first dungeon raid, Fanzell has returned. However, before he links back up with Asta, Noelle happened to find him first. The situation begins as one big misunderstanding. Fanzell being robbed at the time didn’t help his case, regardless what he had his eyes on was Noelle’s wand. This particular wand is one he could never mistake. A wand that was previously crafted by his wife. Nevertheless, once he cleared his story with the Bulls, they were eager to help him out. They knew just where his wife was, too. Unfortunately, Fanzell’s pursuers have been hot on his trail. The diamond assassins are going all out to finally capture him. Although, these assassins have been tricked. Mariella will have her revenge.

Fanzell randomly happening upon the Black Bulls wasn’t by chance. Mariella has been forcing the hand of fate. Now, she may have betrayed her teacher, yet she has taken no joy in her assassin work. The blood on her hands has begun to slowly eat at her. In order to get back at the Diamond Kingdom, she has tricked the assassins into attacking the full might of the Black Bulls. These assassins were mere fodder before the Bulls. Additionally, she has come to aid in Fanzell’s and Dominante’s escape. She’s more than willing to accept the responsibility of everything. However, taking the fall here would be a disservice to her renewed cause to live. In order to truly begin anew, she departs with Fanzell. These three will forever be on the run, although at least they will have one another.

It’s finally time to snap back to the present. We now know who these three are, yet why bring them up at all? Well, Noelle believes they may have a lead to dispelling the curse placed upon Asta’s arms. Dominante in particular knows one such individual that may be able to help their cause. Within her former homeland stands a witch with unequal power. The Witch Queen sees all and is waiting. Anyhow, let’s keep on moving forward. Enjoy the reunited lovers!





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We’re back to the present next time. The Witches’ Forest awaits.

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