Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi T.V. Media Review Episode 4

The hope of France is official!

Before the knighting, we’ve got quite a few people to save. All our heroes have been captured, though they won’t be meeting their end today. La Hire and her band of mercenaries have come to crash the party. La Tremoille’s plans went up in smoke at this point. Securing peace with England was nothing but a dream either way. Certain members of the royal family would never accept England ruling over its lands. His failure forced him to flee, however he was able to bring the final friend back into the spotlight. Philip was to be the mediator between the two nations, although plans have changed. Four long standing friends are back together, and their reunion could be the saving grace of Frace. Unfortunately, Philip has changed greatly during these 7 years. She can no longer side with her friends. Her father may be gone, yet his dream holds a tight grasp upon her. A dream where Burgundy is the most powerful empire in Europe is now her goal.

There’s nothing like a good escape. Now, back to the original plan! Montmorency’s plan to have Jeanne knighted has become a reality. During this whole ordeal, Jeanne proved herself before the queen. Charlotte’s hope had been lost for so long, yet after recent events things have changed. Bolstered by her friends and the power of Ulysses, she has reignited the royal spirit of France. England’s army will now have a true contender to deal with. Moreover, La Tremoille will not slip away into the night easily. His failure here has pushed him to play through other channels. The power held within Jeanne has already had a number of people calling her a demon. Well, it’s time to make that official. The church has been notified of a heretic knight. Anyhow, it’s time to consume some elixir. Enjoy another round on the mercenaries!





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    1. Its never an easy day stitching Jeanne and friends. I’ll be back at it again Thursday, too!

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