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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

10 years of forced labor?

The growing conflict between Kaijin and Vesta has hit the boiling point. History between these two has never ended well. While this may have started as a power struggle between the poor and rich, it’s devolved into a personal grudge. Minster Vesta can not stand to see Kaijin win over him. His ultimate failure was even pushed onto Kaijin. Regardless, Kaijin is a dwarf who can take responsibility. No matter what has come his way, he has endured. However, there are some things this dwarf can not overlook. Attacking the individual that just helped him big time crossed the line. Rimuru may be a slime, but he is a monster worth serving. Now, punching a minster may have been a questionable call, although Vesta has had this one coming for a while. Unfortunately, the law of this land takes attacking a political figures very serious. Rimuru and the dwarves were trialed before the king, yet the matter ended in just exile. Being exiled hurt Kaijin to his core. He loved serving his king, nevertheless he has found a new Master to serve under. Rimuru has found his artisans.

Today’s court case may have been a bit harsh, however there was more to it. Minster Vesta won’t be getting away with it this time. King Gazel has long known of Vesta’s shortcomings. He had hoped that he would grow up with some time. Sadly, Vesta’s luck has run out. He too will be facing punishment. Vesta’s actions has caused the kingdom to lose contact will a potential ally. Rimuru’s healing potions have not gone unnoticed. This king can sense the power that dwells within Rimuru. He is a monster that must be watched. Still, for Vesta’s failures, he will never be allowed to stand before the king again. His dreams of faithful service has come to a shocking end.

He’s got his artisans, so what next? A piece of Rimuru’s future was revealed during his stay at the host club. A female who appears to be of Japanese origins was shown to him. He’s not quite sure what this all means, although he’s interested in meeting her. Finding another person here that’s similar to him could make for an interesting story. Moreover, it’s time to remember that opening scene from episode 1. That will have a part to play in the upcoming arc. Anyhow, ready to head back home with the dwarves? Enjoy the fruit wine!



ED: They finally added the real ending.




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We’re heading back to the goblin village. Still, look forward to a brand new arc next time!

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