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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Step aside, Momo.

The relationship between Mei and Fuu will be our focus today. Their balance between master and apprentice has hit a snag. Unlike the other pairs, these two are very close to one another. They both live and sleep together, thus a falling out at home is a major cause for concern. Now, Mei believes that Fuu is pushing herself way too hard. She should simply do what she can, and avoid danger when possible. However, Fuu wishes to display her best before her Master. Being kept back hurts her dearly, though not as much once they are split apart. Due to their constant feuding, Mei was hurt on a mission. Fuu was ultimately responsible, although Mei does not fault her at all. A Master’s responsibility is always to look after their appreciate. Still, Fuu moves out for a short time. Being apart can really grow the heart. After realizing her own mistakes, they were quick to mend their relationship. Additionally, in order to bust out the renewed spirit of the relationship, it’s time to take down a baddie. A certain masochist dealer has been on the run for far too long.

You can’t change others. Mei’s and Fuu’s living habits may clash quite a bit, but in the end one can’t really change who a person is. Mei’s a girl who is a little too care free when it comes to spending. Yes, money is crucial in a relationship, yet there’s more to it than that. Once Fuu remembered how great it was to be with her Master, she came around. There’s no shame in playing to your own strengths, Fuu. Your Master is only looking out for the best for you. Moreover, anyone can get a little too hotheaded at times. Just remember to cool off and apologize once you’re done. It’s never too late to say sorry. Anyhow, ready to sail the ship? Enjoy another day in the spy life!



ED: There was a change up in the ending for this special pairing.




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