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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

She’s waiting.

There’s no time for hesitation. All their lives are now on the line, and these goblins mean business. Unfortunately, they picked a fight with a god. Kirito the Swordsman has not come here for a simple challenge. He charges in with the intention to beat them all. However, he won’t be coming out of this one unscathed. They may be mere goblins, yet this virtual world is unlike any he has experienced. Blood can be spilled inside the Underworld. Eugeo and Kirito cut this one close, though they are rewarded for their battle. The Blue Rose Sword can now be wielded by both of them. Using the unrivaled power of this sword makes the Dragon Bone Axe look like a toothpick. The Gigas Cedar would soon fall under the weight of this blade. Additionally, cutting down the tree means Eugeo is now free to chose a new Calling. After the events inside the cave, he will no longer hold back. He will seek out Alice in Central City by become a Swordsmen. The road ahead of him will be long, though he’ll have partner with him along the way.

One of humanities hindrances has been defeated, although there were several other important developments. Normally inside these virtual games one’s blood can not be spilled. However, that’s not the case here. During Kirito’s battle with the Hob, he felt true pain. Life inside the Underworld is closer to reality than one can imagine. Moreover, when Eugeo was clinging onto life, he remembered Kirito as a child. He recalled upon his memories of all 3 of them, though it was only for this moment. After he was healed these memories have faded yet again. Lastly, during the healing ritual, Kirito received a message from an old friend. Alice is waiting for him at the top of the cathedral within Central City. Could this be a trap, or something more? It’s time to hit the road, then this adventure can truly take off.

It’s only been 4 episode so far, but I have to say it. A-1 Pictures you’ve gone above and beyond. My expectations have actually been exceeded with this episode. If the quality remains this constant throughout, then we could really be looking at a masterpiece here. Even if there are some rough moments ahead. Episode 4 shall remain a 10/10 episode here. Who knew slaying goblins could look so good. Anyhow, it’s time to seek out Alice. Enjoy the end of the tree chopping!





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