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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Grandma’s home!

Kohaku’s time studying abroad has come to a close. Her arrival back to Nagasaki is sudden, but a welcomed one. Hitomi has been waiting for her for quite some time, after all. Now, Kohaku’s return comes as a time of excitement for some, and a sense of dread for others. The mad witch of the school does have a reputation to live up to. In a spectacular display of magic, she amazes her fellow peers, though it does end in a mishap. However, for once this wasn’t Kohaku’s fault. Hitomi’s magic potential is on the rise. Her magic may be lost upon her, yet that hidden power is just waiting to blossom forth.

Enough magic, it’s time for club activities! Kohaku’s a bit surprised her granddaughter has joined a club, although she is willing to tag along. The art and photography club are planning a presentation for the up coming culture festival. This year’s theme will be combining both aspects of the club. Although, there’s one more aspect that could really turn some heads, magic! The night skyline filled with magic should just about get everyone’s attention. Upon the school rooftop, the club experiences a night like no other. There was magic, laughs, fear, and a unexpected secret reveal. Calling one another grandmother and granddaughter wasn’t really keeping things hidden. Hitomi’s future girl status has been uncovered, though her friends are still willing to accept her. Additionally, the club is in for one new member. Kohaku has joined in on the fun, thus the Magic Photography Art Club has been born. Anyhow, remember to only use magic for others. Enjoy the night skyline!





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The cast is finally all together, so what next? Join us for another colorful episode next Friday here at, Anime Solution!

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