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Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Remember the promise?

Montmorency and Jeanne may be on the run, but they are spreading hope to the people. Rumor has it that a young girl will save France. The dire state of the country has people believing in just about anything, though Jeanne has power to back up her claim. Using the power granted to her through the Philosopher’s Stone, she just may be able to turn the tides of war. However, first Montmorency needs gain some true legitimacy behind his claims. He’s off to see an old friend. A friend that has now become the queen of the country. Using his connection through Charlotte, he plans to gift knighthood to Jeanne. Unfortunately, this simple plan is met with many unexpected turns. Shortly after entering the palace, Montmorency is captured by his step-brother. Inside his cell a special surprise awaited him. She’s alive and somewhat well!

Mission accomplished? Well, turns out Richemont was able to free herself without anyone’s help. In order to survive, she did what she had to do. Richemont defected to England, and served directly under King Henry V. Victory under her new king looked certain until his sudden death. After Henry’s passing, Richemont was left in a place of uncertainty. An unwanted sexual advance would end up driving her back to France’s side. Still, even when she returned trouble awaited her. Her fellow nobles did not take kind to her sudden meddling in military affairs. Accused of a nonexistent crime, Richemont quickly found herself behind bars. Regardless, during all this time Richemont held onto a hope. Hoping that her dear friend would come to save her. Montmorency’s failure here can not be excused, although he is attempting to solve the overall problem. Hoisting up Jeanne as the savior of France could change everything. These 80 years of war have taken their toll on everyone.

Rumors can be quite powerful. The one being spread about Jeanne has come with some cons, though. Her life is now being targeted. Someone out there wishes to steal the Philosopher’s Stone in her possession. Additionally, this rumor isn’t so far fetched. During the actual Hundred Years’ War a similar rumor was being spread around France. As we all know, Jeanne’s contribution to the real war had a significant impact. When France had lost all hope, a female saint reignited a fire inside them all. There’s still hope, they all just need to believe now. Anyhow, it’s time to protect the Queen. Enjoy the 3 minutes of action!





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I sense a knight on the horizon. Tune in next week to learn the fate of our heroine!

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