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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

You’ve been scouted!

A secret organization sworn to protect the city of Sorasaki is seeking one more. Tsukikage is a faction of peacekeepers that has been fighting back against evil for centuries. Their current enemy is Moryo. They are a global crime syndicate that has recently taken root in their city. Moreover, on one fateful night, Momo saw a glimpse of Tsukikage at work. They may have been far out in the distant, but due to Momo’s heighten senses she was able to see them. The next day at school two members of Tsukikage eavesdropped on Momo’s recount of that night. Due to her latent potential, she was quickly befriended by Mei and Goe. These two were quick to put her to the test, and trouble was soon to find Momo. It was at this point Tsukikage put on a display of their world to Momo. A flashy yet secret world of spies awaits Momo if she’s willing to accept apprenticeship.

Momo may be lacking in courage, though she was able to act when it counted. Confronting the criminals that attacked the police takes guts. Even if she had to be saved, she did the right thing. That is one thing Momo has longed to accomplish. She wishes to follow in the foot steps of her deceased father, and protect the city she loves. Regardless, a unique opportunity has been gifted to Momo. Under Yuki’s watchful eye, Momo has answered the call. She will join Tsukikage and fight back the forces of evil. Anyhow, ready to watch some high school girls kick butt? Enjoy the spyce!


Fan service in this show is going to be something to look out for. It would appear they plan to use heavy magic skirt physics. They’re flying all about in mini-skirts, but don’t expect to see much. However, every now and then you do get a few frames showing off some of the bum like above. Other than that, I hope you’re into licking.

I’m going to hope they spice up these eye catches for future episodes.






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The training pains are coming. Stick around for more spy activity here at, Anime Solution!

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