Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 1

Don’t forget her, okay?

Season 3 is starting off bigger than ever. Episode 1 features a double length run time. However, what takes place during each half differs quite a bit. One could sum up the first half as a lost memory. A memory that took place inside a game world, although it felt very real. Moreover, Kirito’s drive to stay ahead in the full-dive industry has landed him a unique job. He has become a tester for a new way to full-dive, and begun playing a new game. Inside Underworld is where the line between reality and game begins to blur.

Kirito’s dive into Underworld introduces us to 2 new characters. Alice and Eugeo are Kirito’s childhood friends during his adventure in the Underworld. Now, these 3 face a daily problem with the preservation of food. Inside this world food expires rather quickly. In order to remedy this problem, the trio plan out a risky mission into the mountains. Children are forbidden from playing in the mountains, though they bend the rules so this isn’t play time. This is a mission to obtain ice. The mission to find ice was successful, but securing their way back is where the trouble began. Instead of heading home, they’ve headed for the Dark Territory. Entrance to the Dark Territory is against the Taboo Index. If a citizen of the Human Empire dares to break this law they face a dire punishment. A punishment Alice will soon be facing for tripping for a single moment. Death is the final judgment for those that break this taboo, and no amount of fighting will save Alice from this outcome. The Axiom Church’s rule is absolute inside this empire.

Moving onto the 2nd half, one must remember the events of the death gun incident. One member of Laughing Coffin is still on the loose. Kirito believed that it was only a matter of time before he was caught, yet he couldn’t be more wrong. Johnny Black has come for his revenge. Unfortunately for Kirito, his revenge won’t be taking place inside a game. He has come to kill Kirito for real. Johnny is able to inject Kirito, but will it be enough? Our year long adventure has only just begun, thus Kirito won’t be leaving us so soon. Still, he will be under for quite sometime. We’re in for one exciting road to recovery. Anyhow, it’s time to see another smile fade into black. Enjoy the 900 years of wood chopping!





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  1. COOL!! Nice review for the new season!! (^^)/ Thanks for reviewing this anime!! I’m sure it will be a great show

    1. The first episode set the bar high, so hopefully things continue to be so going forward. Although, hopefully with less stitches. This review was one of the most difficult pieces I’ve put together here so far. A-1 pictures never makes it easy.

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