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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 25

by Yumiko

The top 3 have arrived.

Midoriya’s return to the classroom means it’s time to learn about work studies. Teaching class 1-A about this subject will be done differently than normal. In order for these 1st years to truly grasp what’s ahead of them, they will be introduced to the topic by the best of U.A. The top three 3rd years have come to share their experience with the freshmen. However, their first impression of these three was something else. Let’s just say being at the top doesn’t make one normal. Now, giving an ordinary explanation of what work studies is wouldn’t of done it justice. As such, Mirio will be doing a hands on demonstration. He’ll be taking on all of class 1-A to show them what they’ll be getting out of work studies. They may not be mandatory, though after what he showed them everyone will be interested.

Mirio, the man currently closest to being number 1, has laid down the law. The experience one gains from work studies should not be underestimated. Participation in the work study program means one is an official hero. All the duties, responsibilities, and glory is now up for the taking. Unfortunately, embarking on this new journey will have to wait. We’ve hit the end of the line for season 3. Still, there’s some good news ahead. Season 4 is already in the works. It won’t be long before Midoriya is back into the mix of things. The villains may have been on the low recently, although they’ll be back at it soon enough.

Before I close out with the media, let’s remember some of best moments of season 3. We began with the summer training camp. It was here where Midoriya was forced to push beyond his limits. Defeat here wasn’t an option. He may have come out of it broken, yet on that day he was a hero to one young boy who had lost hope. Next up, we had a clash that will be written in the history books. All Might versus All For One was without a doubt the biggest hype moment of the season. All Might’s finest days may be behind him now, though no one will ever forget that night. Lastly, a 2nd fight between rivals would be the final big affair of the season. Bakugo won’t be letting Deku pass him up so easily. Anyhow, the future holds plenty of more major moments to come. Enjoy the end of the season!





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Season 3 has come to a close, but there’s plenty more to come. Look forward to experiencing more of Midoriya’s journey, he’s got a long ways before becoming number 1!

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