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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko

Let’s make this a success.

The deletion of the Amadeus System has changed how a number of events occurred. Regardless, convergence has all our major players meeting upon the rooftop. It is here where the D-RINE proved its worth. The exclusion of the Russians from the equation has allowed just enough time. Time for Mayuri and Suzuha to escape unharmed in the time machine. Operation Arclight is a success. Mayuri was able to convince her past self to not let Okabe give up. Still, there’s one problem. The time machine only had enough fuel to make one more jump. In order to not create a paradox, they had to leave on fumes. Leaving on fumes has thrown the time machine all the way back to 18000 B.C. Now, before these two embarked on their operation, Okabe made a promise. A promise that they would all see one another again even if he had to cross the stars. It may have taken him a number of years, yet he followed through on his word. The mad scientist disappeared from the world in order to save his loved ones.

Talk about a long and strange journey. Okabe’s road to recovery was lengthy without a doubt, but was it worth it all? Well, Steins;Gate 0 started off with a noble cause. It was to show the viewer how Okabe was able to push through to find the impossible world line. In the end we got that, yet we had to go through a lot of questionable decisions. A handful of episodes felt as if they were just there as place holders. I understand they were trying to show multiple different arcs, but their merger ended up leaving a few loose ends. Let’s just say the anime had to do its own thing to make this story work. Otherwise the average viewer would have been lost if they included everything. Moreover, it’s no secret White Fox struggled to maintain the original production quality. Steins;Gate 0 suffered art wise in numerous spots. Nevertheless, in the end they were able to make that back up. The last few episodes were able to present that original Steins;Gate magic, although was it enough?

I find placing a rating for this show to be rather difficult. When Zero was first announced, I was very hyped up for it. The original was a solid 9/10 for me. Every episode back then captured me from start to finish. Zero began promising, though steadily slid off track, then finally came back at the very end. As such, I can’t in good faith recommend Zero. There are a few excellent episodes found within Zero, but one must endure quite a uphill battle for them. Still, if you’re itching for more Steins;Gate, don’t hesitate. Steins;Gate 0 will deliver in due time. Anyhow, ready for one last time travel? Enjoy the absolute mad scientist!





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