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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Her love is eternal.

The escape plan is underway, though things won’t go perfectly. Before leaving their crumbling castle, Satou made a fatal mistake. She forgot her ring. Now, there is no way she could flee without the symbol that ties her to Shio. Returning to the scene of the crime leaves the couple with little time. Asahi can wait no longer. He has come to retrieve Shio and tell her the truth. A truth that won’t matter in the long run. Through the fire and the flames, two conflicting views on love clash. Regardless, Shio has already confirmed her love. She will stand by Satou until the very end. Unfortunately, the end truly has come for them. The moon will never shine as brightly again, still Satou won’t let her love die. Shio will carry on their love forever more.

Now that’s how you end a show. Back when the trailer for this first dropped, I was instantly interested. Reading the manga only confirmed what I knew. This was a show that needed reviewing! After witnessing it all, I can confidently say this one is worth a view. Well, at least if you’re into the darker side of things. Do remember, everyone in this production is positively mad. Not even Shio was able to escape the madness known as love. Additionally, Ezόla, you’ve done a spectacular job on your first work. Each visual representation for Satou’s happiness or bitterness brought this show to life. She may be sweet, but watch out for her bitter side.

Today’s posting marks the end of the summer review season here. It has been a pleasure to cover each show, and I’m looking forward to another great fall season. Moreover, Happy Sugar Life may be bringing up the rear, but don’t let that fool you. This was an excellent 8/10 show. The story isn’t without its flaws, though it stuck a solid landing. Satou’s and Shio’s love was true. You may not agree with it, yet they were willing to go down together. Anyhow, it’s time to say a final good-bye. Enjoy the love!





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She will be reborn! Satou’s time has come to an end, though her love will remain. See you in the stars, Satou-chan.

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Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3312)
5 years ago

Mmmmm Yuri time!!

Yumiko (@guest_3311)
5 years ago

This one had quite an ending. I’d love to see a squeal from it, too. Moreover, Ezόla did a fantastic job with it, and I think I just might be doing their next show. How do you feel about 4 girls stranded on a deserted island?

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_3310)
5 years ago

Recap: Yandere creating Yandere.