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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

The Great Sorcerer King has won!

A duel against the Supreme One? Gazef, there’s a thin line between bravery and foolishness. A line you will not be returning from. True death and food for the worms is all you will get from Ainz. Still, Gazef’s death is not without meaning. He had two individuals witness his demises for a reason. The Re-Estize Kingdom will learn from their failure. Lord Ainz will never be taken lightly again. Moreover, the Re-Estize Kingdom has given into Lord Ainz’s demands. E-Rantel is now under the direct control of the Sorcerer King. The Sorcerer Kingdom is now firmly established in the New World, though governing over its citizens won’t be easy. Regardless, Ainz’s has already thought out a plan to quell the common mans fear. Momon will be the peoples champion going forward. He truly has them all wrapped around his finger.

The New World is ripe for his taking, but will it all going according to plan? Well, for the foreseeable future things are looking great for the forces of Nazarick. Just who can stop this absolute mad skeleton man? That’s right, no one. Unfortunately, our animated adventure ends here. A season 4 is still highly possible, but it may be some time before we hear any news. Nevertheless, I’ll always be ready to review Ainz’s newest exploits. My body is only for the use of the Great Sorcerer King. All hail Lord Ainz Ooal Gown!

That should be more than enough praise for Ainz, so let’s talk about the third season as a whole. I personally have no problems with the story being told throughout Overlord. In fact, Ainz’s sudden path for world dominance is exciting to watch. This wasn’t his ultimate goal, but seeing him go along with it has been fascinating. We’ve come along ways from finding oneself trapped in a new world to the ruler of a kingdom. Still, Overlord isn’t without its set of flaws. One of the biggest complaints you’ll see out there is about the art. After season one the art has taken quite a dive. I’ve now covered 2 seasons fully here, and some of the frames I’ve encountered while reviewing were quite questionable. It’s not the worse by far, though it does take a toll on one’s enjoyment. Ultimately, I am a devout follower of Ainz’s cause, thus he will retain his 9/10 status. Anyhow, ready for the split second duel. Enjoy this memorable day!





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Never say never. This may be another end for Overlord, yet I’m sure this won’t be the last. So, keep on looking forward to more here at, Anime Solution!


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