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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Down, but not out.

Hakuno and Nero have been blown out of the 7th floor. Gawain’s strike has placed them back to the very bottom. Our duo find themselves at the place they first found one another. It is also here where Hakuno double down on his vow. Even if it means his deletion, he will restore the Moon Cell to its rightful state. Now, rising back to the top will take some help from an old friend. The bookmark Hakuno received during his time with Alice has a unique ability. Using this ability has enabled them to return to a place they have once visited. Still, Leonardo and Gawain await them. These two would normally out perform our main pair, although Hakuno won’t be falling again. He’ll be giving Nero every bit of his mana and more to take down Gawain. There’s no time for hesitation now. Humanities end is in sight.

We’re almost there! Yeah, delays on these reviews have been heavy, but episode 13 will be here in due time. Moreover, we’ve reached the final boss. Twice Pieceman is the sole figure that blocks humanities final chance at life. His defeat will come at a high cost, though. Hakuno’s existence was only possible due to this broken system. Once things have been properly restored the anomaly known as Hakuno will cease to exist. Regardless, Hakuno is the embodiment of countless fallen. He will take the broken dreams of many, and forge a new path for the future. Anyhow, it’s time to climb the ladder one last time. Enjoy the clash of sabers!







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Just one more to go! Look forward to the final posting of Last Encore here at, Anime Solution!

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