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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Let the bodies hit the floor!

Lord Ainz time to shine has come. In a show of force, he has displayed magic beyond human comprehension. There was no warring between 2 factions on this battlefield. It was a one sided massacre. Still, Ainz did not come to the front lines without reason. He has come to make an offer to an old acquaintance. Gazef has been given an opportunity to swap sides. If he becomes Ainz’s subordinate, then today’s battle will come to an end. However, no matter how tempting the offer may be, Gazef’s loyalties remain firm. Even if he can stop the killing of his countrymen, he will remain loyal to the king that gave him everything. Now, he may be staring death in the face, yet he does not falter. Gazef has in turn challenged Ainz to a duel. The fate of this war will be decided in just a few moments.

The major hype for this season has now come and gone, though did it live up to it? Well, I’ve read quite a mixed reaction from those that were looking forward to this scene. The summoning of the Dark Young was to strike true terror into the heart of the Re-Estize Kingdom. I believe Madhouse was able to display that perfectly. From the moment the Re-Estize Kingdom saw such horror before him, they advanced in the other direction. Still, the killing of faceless CGI soldiers does kinda diminish the impact of it all. Having the Dark Young take out a few notable nobles could of gone a long ways. Regardless, I found the overall display of Ainz’s overwhelming power to fit greatly. This a day the New World will never forget. Anyhow, ready to break the record? Enjoy the massacre!





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I’ll be finishing this one on time. Look forward to the finale tomorrow here at, Anime Solution!

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