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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Push it to the limits!

Haruka and Kanata will not fall here. They have taken the 2nd set from the twins. Each pair has now won a set. The winner of the third set will determine who gets to go to nationals. Unfortunately, both sides of the court are exhausted. It has been a long day out on the beach. Regardless, a number of hopes and dreams are on the line. No ground will be given up on either side, and we end today all tied up. The 3rd set required every ounce of energy our girls could give. Still, we end this one at 14-14.

This has been by far the longest match presented in the show. Episodes 10 and 11 was all game play between the two leading pairs. However, episode 11 was paced rather slowly. As one can imagine, this match should of really ended during this episode. We’ll be getting those shocking results next time, though it should be obvious enough who will win. There’s only one girl left on that court with any energy. Anyhow, it’s time to give it our all. Enjoy the volleyball!





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Be sure to join us for the results next week. You won’t want to miss the party!

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KayKay (@guest_179)
5 years ago

Nice review with very good fanservice!! I’m confident that the next episode will be an ending that we all desired. XD

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  KayKay
5 years ago

It should be a fun and exciting finale for sure. However, I’m a bit sad to see it go. It has been a blast to cover this show.