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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Their castle has crumbled.

Shoko’s death will not go without consequence. Satou won’t be able to hide this one. Knowing what to do next is tearing her up inside, but as long as she has Shio things will be all right. Unfortunately, Shio is tired of the lies. She will no longer be playing a doll. After seeing Satou so down, Shio wants to know everything. Now, Satou is reluctant to tell Shio anything at first. Knowing the things Satou has done could ruin everything. However, Shio wants to be able to protect Satou. Being a simple house doll has left her far too behind. It will take some pushing on Shio’s end, though once Satou felt her happiness fading she let it out. Shio has been told the bare minimum, yet it was enough to sate her. Satou’s happiness is back, well at least for now.

Today’s episode finally revealed how Satou was able to obtain Shio. Turns out Shio’s mother is a real piece of work. Due to Shio’s existence and lack of education, her mother abandons her in the rain. Shio begs her mother that she would behave, yet nothing worked. It was at this point Satou stepped in. Satou had been watching, although she did not approach until Shio’s mother walked away. Having no where else to turn, Shio freely went with Satou. It was at that point their happiness together began to bloom, however it all came at a cost. A cost that has been slowly building, and will soon come swinging. Asahi knows who has Shio. Anyhow, the happy sugar life is still on. Enjoy the free Shio!





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Will Asahi be our final boss? Find out where that bat is heading next time here at, Anime Solution!

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