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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

She’s had enough.

Singing and dancing along with the Demon Lord? What manner of blasphemy is this! Alicia will no longer stand by idly. Her time to act is now, and she knows just how to get the Demon Lord back to her old ways. During an outing with the trio, Alicia slips away with Klem and Rem. It is here where her true colors come to light. She has falsely accused Rem of being a Demon Lord worshiper. Saddler is more than delighted to hear such a claim. He will be bringing her to salvation, though his true intentions are much more sinister. Now, Klem is witnessing all of this. She does not wish to see Rem harmed, yet if she acts Alicia gets her way. Hatred is the key to reviving the Demon Lord. Unfortunately, Klem had little choice after seeing what they did to Rem. Saddler has brought Rem to death’s door, consequently he has also opened the door for the true revival of the Demon Lord. Klem’s hatred for the mortal races has awoken.

While the above was going down other developments were in progress. Diablo had been searching for Rem all day, yet could not find her. His doubts surrounding Alicia have come to past. Something about her was never quite right. She may be a human, but she has no love for the mortal races. Moreover, Faltra City is in for it now. The Demon lord has awoken, and her minions are marching towards the city. We’re in for one epic showdown next time. Anyhow, ready to experience the rebirth of her hatred? Enjoy the biscuit song!





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The end is upon us! Join us for one last review of the Demon Lord from another world here at, Anime Solution.

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