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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 23

by Yumiko


Bakugo’s boiling point has been reached. Standing in Deku’s shadow has wounded him beyond imagination, but that’s not all. There has been a greater source of pain that has been building up within him. Bakugo believes he’s the reason his idol was forced to retire. Due to him being captured by the villains, All Might’s final sparks have gone out. Additionally, both these boys idolize All Might, yet it is only Deku that appears to get his recognition. It’s a clash of dreams for one to be noticed over the other, though there are circumstances behind this. Regardless, Bakugo’s guilt and jealousy have pushed him to seek out this moment. A rematch between these heated rivals has been a long time coming, although the results will have them closer than ever before.

After an explosive duel, Bakugo manages to take a victory over Deku. It was a close one, however there can only be one victor. Now, after the dust had settled, All Might appeared. He overheard everything, and wishes to set things straight. Bakugo should feel no guilt behind his retirement. It was only a matter of time before this happened. All Might had been playing on borrowed time for years. Moreover, since Deku let the secret behind his quirk out, All Might has let Bakugo in on it, too. His reasoning behind picking Deku and One For All have been properly explained. This will now be a secret that keeps the 3 of them bonded together. Anyhow, ready for the consequences of their actions? Enjoy the house arrest!





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