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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 49

by Yumiko

Despair shall not win on this day!

No matter what Vetto does the Black Bulls do not falter. Not a single member ever fell into despair before him. Still, how could this be? Vetto is a beast that only knows how to crush and spread despair. He’s got the crushing down perfectly, yet he did not account for one thing. A certain boy happens to be a despair eating demon. Standing before such a foe is something Vetto never once imagined. Asta’s ability to never give up will be Vetto’s undoing. Backed up by the full might of the Bulls, Asta will do the impossible. Vetto has been downed by the insects he utterly despises. Unfortunately, this beast will not slip into the night quietly. He’s willing to sacrifice it all even if it means defeat. However, the Black Bulls will not fall on this day. Captain Yami has arrived to deal the finishing blow. Vetto shall despair no more.

The battle has finally come to an end. Yami’s arrival truly saved the day. Now, during this fight two very important things took place. First, Asta’s arms have been totally crushed. The damage done here is more than he quite knows, and will be leading us into our next big arc. Moreover, while Vetto was down, we got to see a flashback of his. In fact, he’s been showing and telling us his complicated history for some time now. Vetto was just a young boy that had his hope stolen from him. The humans were the ones that took everything from him. What was to be a happy day among his people ended them all. His act of spreading despair was his way of revenge. They took his hope, so he’ll give them despair. Sadly, Vetto was the only one here that fell into despair. Lastly, I must say today’s episode was way above the average mark. The hype around this episode had some merit, after all. Anyhow, let’s put an to this despair. Enjoy Vetto’s final moments!



Petit Clover:  He’s just thinking really hard.




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Vetto’s reign of despair has ended, but there are consequences to come. Stick around to learn about the aftermath of this victory here at, Anime Solution!


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