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Fate/Extra Last Encore T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

A new floor awaits.

Among the 128 Masters that set out during this war, only 2 have ever made it to the 7th floor. The first of these Masters is, Leonardo B. Harwey. He is the slumbering Floor Master of the 7th floor. As for the other Master that made it, well she fell long ago. In fact, it has been a thousand years since another Master has climbed this far. During that period of time, Leonardo placed himself into a deep sleep. Believing no one would ever reach his floor, he left his servant to tend to things. However, the impossible 129th Master has arrived. Hakuno has come to put an end to this King’s reign, then defeat Twice. His goal is the restoration of the Moon Cell, though it will come at a cost. Restoring the Moon Cell will also mean the deletion of Hakuno. Since his existence is only possible due to the break down in the SERAPH system, the Moon Cell’s restoration will delete the past 1,000 years. Now, once Leonardo learned of Hakuno’s goal, he believed him to be a fool. As punishment for such a foolish endeavor, Hakuno and Nero will be blasted down to the bottom floor. Good luck climbing back up in time, False Master.

Before we get down to the media, I must say I didn’t expect to be posting this show out so late. However, when a show isn’t finished during its airing time it becomes quite a problem. A problem I’ll be struggling with on a few other shows, too. Regardless, I’m glad to have Last Encore featured here again. I’m a big fan of everything Fate, so I’ll be sure to complete these reviews real soon. Moreover, Hakuno’s failure to defeat Leonardo here is costly. The SERAPH system is only hours away from being completely busted. Once the system goes the restoration of the Moon Cell will be impossible. This also means humanity will no longer have a chance of survival. Hakuno, you best have a way get back up there fast, or else. Anyways, ready to experience the beauty of the 7th floor? Enjoy the awakening of the king!







Click here for the WebM album.


Expect episode 12 to drop very soon. So, look forward to more Fate/Extra related content here at, Anime Solution!

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