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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

War is coming.

The emperor’s agreement with Ainz has begun. An alliance between the empire and the newly formed Sorcerer Kingdom has been formally announced. This announcement also comes with a declaration of war. The Sorcerer Kingdom has made a claim on the lands surrounding E-Rantel. Now, the Re-Estize Kingdom will not simply be handing over their lands. They believe this whole affair to be an excuse for the annual war between the two nations. However, some know the true terror the kingdom is walking into. The name Ainz Ooal Gown carries a certain amount of weight with it in the New World. A weight that every mortal will soon learn to fear. Still, the Re-Estize Kingdom must carry out their duty. Protection from foreign invaders is an essential to all kingdoms. Unfortunately, their time controlling these lands will be coming to a close. Ainz’s is on the move.

During all this remember that the empire is forming a secret alliance. Jircniv currently has no choice but to follow Ainz’s orders. Going against Ainz would be certain doom for the empire, however Jircniv hopes that this alliance will be his chance to fight back. Regardless, Ainz’s bid for world conquest is finally in full swing. There’s no brakes on this train. Additionally, by the end of this season we’re sure to see something amazing. The Sorcerer Kingdom will rise to heights never seen before. Anyhow, ready to raise a death flag? Enjoy the rise of the one true king!





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The drums of war have begun. Join us next week to begin the fun!

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