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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Do you remember?

The history behind Satou’s living circumstances have been revealed. As we found out last week, Satou doesn’t live with her aunt. Instead, she lives in an apartment one floor up. However, how did she come to live there? Well, it all began on a rainy day. Satou stood outside the apartment complex dreading the thought of returning to her aunt’s home. It was during this time a man approached her, and invited her into his home. This man did not seek out Satou for sexual gain. Instead he wished to use her as a model for art. The two got along for a time, but as we all know the good times never last. One day Satou brought with her a mysterious child. This child’s presence caused Satou to express a feeling she had never quite felt before, love. Unfortunately, she brought this child into the wrong home. The man who she had been staying with lost his mind upon seeing this child. Shio had ruined his perfect model. This man decided go after Shio’s life, though that would be his final action. Messing with Satou’s happiness means death.

Back in present time, Satou has been planning out how best to protect her happiness. Several people have now come too close to finding out her secret. However, one did find out. Taiyo knows Satou has Shio, though this can work to her advantage. Since Taiyo has yet to snitch, then with the right motivation he can be used. Satou has made an agreement with Taiyo. If he deals with threats to Shio he will be allowed to see her. Taiyo is become Shio’s knight, still his first task won’t be so easy. He must find a way to get Asahi to leave town. The task at hand might not be simple, but he’s already on the job. Anyhow, ready to experience the past? Enjoy the angel!





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A angel is in trouble, and a knight has a job to do. Find out if this young knight can follow through next week here at, Anime Solution!

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