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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

There can only be one!

Originally it was believed that both pairs would be able to qualify for nationals. Unfortunately, due to a lack of local entrants there will only be one qualifier. This means our club members will end up facing one another. Now, Akari believes this could tear apart the club, but that won’t be the case at all. The time they’ve spent together has formed a bond that can not be broken so easily. Even if they have to compete for the spot, they’ll still be friends in the end. Additionally, no matter the outcome there will be a celebration. A party for all 5 members will only continue to solidify their friendship. Moreover, both our pairs end up on opposite sides of the tournament bracket. Still, this was only delaying fate. Haruka and Kanata will soon face their toughest match up yet. The twins await them in the finals.

Today’s episode was really about dealing with feelings and filler opponents. Next week is when things get serious. Hopefully we’re in for one exciting match. Anyhow, I won’t prolong this post any longer. This one took triple the amount of stitch time, so do enjoy those!


Good lord, Akari!




Click here for the WebM album.


Friends til the end, right? Next time the destined match begins!


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