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Boku no Hero Academia 3 T.V. Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

And we’re back to the exam!

Rescue efforts must now be relocated. The sudden arrival of “villains” have caused our young heroes to split their attention. A majority of students will continue to aid the wounded, but a few must hold off Gang Orca and his men. Now holding off Gang Orca should be a straight forward task. Unfortunately, we’ve got 2 students who can’t play nice. Inasa’s personal feud against Todoroki has turned the battlefield into a chaotic scene. Neither one was willing to back down, and they’ll have to pay the consequences for their actions here. Still, they were able to hold off Gang Orca. The time they bought was enough for all the civilians to make it to safety. Once everyone was in the clear the exam officially ended, so how about them results?

Talk about a drawn out exam, though thankfully it’s finally over. However, we’ll have to wait a week for see the results. Now, passage of this exam means a lot to our young heroes. License holders will be able to legally engage villains and rescue civilians. Class 1-A will no longer have to skirt the law in order to be heroes. Still, not everyone in the class was up to par during this exam. So, who will rise, and who will fail? I’m sure we all know, but we’ll all see soon enough. Anyhow, ready to fan the flames? Enjoy the end of the exam!





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