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Harukana Receive T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

A new member?

For some time now, Akari has been stalking the beach volleyball club. She wants to join the club, although her reasoning behind joining is a bit unique. She isn’t interested in becoming number 1 or anything like that. Her goal is to become a beach volleyball idol. Now, after approaching Kanata for initial contact, she believed pairing up with one of the twins would be her best bet. Unfortunately, neither of the twins is interested. This quickly crushed her idol dream, and she ran off without another word. Still, not everyone is willing to give up on her. The beach volleyball club does need one more member to become official. Haruka and Kanata are on the case, yet tracking down Akari isn’t so easy. Turns out she is quite the loner. She’s popular, but those around her believe her to be above them. This has led Akari to live out quite the solo player experience. Upon seeing this, Haruka calls her out for a challenge. She declines at first, but Kanata’s declaration for a 1 on 1 is accepted. If Akari ever hopes to become a beach volleyball idol, then she’ll have to beat someone as small as Kanata. Well, this newcomer didn’t stand a chance against Kanata. Regardless, she played her heart out. The worth of an idol was on the line, after all. Defeat meant joining the club, though Akari got what she truly wanted. Welcome to the club, Akari!

It’s official! No longer are they just a branch of the volleyball club. The beach volleyball club can finally stand on its own. Moreover, Akari’s introduction made for quite the entertaining experience. She has been hinted at for a while now, but I didn’t see the whole beach volleyball idol aspect coming in. Hopefully one day her dream can be accomplished, though. Anyhow, ready to meet the new member? Enjoy the idol!





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