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Happy Sugar Life T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Does she really know her?

Recent events have caused Satou’s best friend to question everything about her. Shoko and Satou use to be so close, however once Satou found her true love they’ve drifted apart. Now, Taiyo’s words may have made her waver for a moment, but she’ll still trust in her friend. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Shoko wishes to know what’s going on within Satou’s life, and the chance to ask her has finally come. During an outing, Shoko pours her heart out to Satou. Getting involved with Satou’s situation is risky, yet she’s willing to get involved for her friend. Seeing the tears in Shoko’s eyes convinced Satou, although the current setting just isn’t right. She’ll be taking Shoko to her place, then everything will be explained.

Today’s episode dealt with some friendship drama, but we’ve also been given a big reveal. The connection between the mysterious boy and Shio has been shown. The Koube family is broken beyond repair. 5 years ago a plan to escape a abusive household was carried out. This plan had all 3 members eventually living together, although someone had to stay behind. Asahi’s mother and little sister ran away. Meanwhile, Asahi stayed in order to hold off his father. During that time Asashi was left to the mercy of his alcoholic father. It wouldn’t be until 5 years later that his father would bite the dust. Happy to see his old man go, Asahi ran to see his mother and little sister. Unfortunately, what he arrived to wasn’t the home he dreamed of. His mother was now a deranged women, and his little sister was no where in sight. Shio, his moon, had been taken.

I believe this is the first episode where Satou’s happy sugar life wasn’t under a direct threat. That doesn’t mean others aren’t clawing their way into her. Satou may be surrounded, yet she’s not willing to give an inch. Moreover, next week Shoko will be paying Satou’s home a visit. Just how will Satou explain everything to her without losing her? I wouldn’t fear, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyhow, it’s time for a girl’s day out. Enjoy the sweets!




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Ready for the truth? Join us next time for the home visit.


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