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Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Will she stay, or will she go?

Shera’s dream and will to be free should have easily answered her brother’s question. There’s no way she would go back to the kingdom with him, right? Well, Prince Keera won’t be taking no for an answer. By playing an enchanting melody that can only be heard by elves, he has stolen Shera’s will. Without a moments notice, she tells Diablo she will be leaving with her brother. This crushed Diablo, but not everyone is willing to give up on Shera. Once Rem found out what happened, she was ready to go save her. Rem’s determination to save her friend who hasn’t asked for help rejuvenated Diablo. Fortunately, Rem made the correct call to push for Shera’s rescue. Shera did not go by her own will, and her brother has quite the unsavory plans for her. Diablo is able to reach her in time, yet Prince Keera isn’t going to let them walk away freely. The trump card of the Greenwood kingdom has been unleashed.

Prince Keera reminds me of another brother I recently dealt with here. If anyone here watched Magical Girl Site, then you’ll remember a certain brother’s crazed facial expressions. Moreover, Diablo is about to face a monster that even has Shera trembling. Will this hydra be too much for him, or will the Demon Lord from another world mop the floor yet again? We’re in for quite the battle and twist next time. Anyhow, ready to loosen up those linens? Enjoy the sensual interrogation!





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I feel an unexpected force on the way. Stay tuned for the conclusion of this arc here at, Anime Solution!


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