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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 18

by Yumiko

We’ve hit the turning point!

The events that took place on the rooftop will forever be ingrained within Okabe’s mind. A man he had once trusted and looked up to has betrayed him. The true mad scientist, Leskinen, has planed this all so perfectly. By using a combination of his future and present-self, he has played the lab members like a fiddle. Kagari’s arrival began everything, and now he has come to claim the time machine with force. Fortunately, he’s not the only one after the time machine. As things heated up on the rooftop, Suzuha and Mayuri used the opportunity to escape in the time machine. While attempting to leap back in time, the machine is hit by a rocket. All that remained was bits and pieces of the machine. Mayuri and Suzuha are “gone”, yet this doesn’t mean it’s the end. Okabe has finally realized what must be done.

Talk about a lot of action. As for how that action went down, well I’ll let everyone judge for themselves. However, let me just say things got quite ridiculous up there. Kagari has quite the hidden potential. Moreover, everything that took place during this episode was fated to happen. Yes, even the time machine being destroyed. Leskinen knew about everything, still he failed. So much for being the “voice of god”. Regardless, these events were crucial in pushing one men back into his duty. A duty to save the future. Okabe is back in the lab, but just how will he save everyone? Anyhow, ready to see the mastermind behind the scenes? Enjoy the revival!





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There’s no holding back now. Okabe has been given a reason to save the future. So, stay tuned for his long awaited return here at, Anime Solution!

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