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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Could this be too good to be true?

Today we begin with a new arc, and a new set of faces. Our adventure begins within the Baharuth Empire. It is here we meet a group of workers known as Foresight. This group of 4 has been contacted by Count Femal with a unbelievable request. The request has a high payout, but there’s something not quite right about this one. Foresight is being asked to raid a tomb that was just recently discovered. There is no knowledge of this tomb ever existing before, but that’s beside the point. Did you not see that high payout! Being a worker is all about putting one’s life on the line for money. Additionally, Foresight won’t be the only workers on this request. Three other worker groups will be going along on the raid, and that’s not all. The Count has arranged for the workers to have the very best transportation and guardsmen. Darkness will be “tagging” along for this request.

It’s all going according to plan. If you haven’t realized it yet, then the tomb these workers are about to hit is Nazzrick. So, why is this happening? Well, this is all apart of Demiurge’s plan. In order to set things in motion this is where it all begins. Still, we haven’t been shown the full picture of this arc. There’s more going on in the background, and that will be revealed over the coming weeks. Anyhow, ready to meet a whole lot of new faces? Enjoy the testers!





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KayKay (@guest_155)
5 years ago

Wow, that was alot of effort reviewing them!! I don’t know where did all your energy came from, but thanks for reviewing all the shows!! It was nice to see all these reviews and see how was the anime. (^_^)b

Yumiko (@animesolutions)
Reply to  KayKay
5 years ago

I won’t say it’s easy attempting to do 10 or more shows a week, but the challenge has surely been interesting. One could say I just have a special love for anime, hehe. Also, thanks for always commenting. Each time means a lot here since the website is still growing.

KayKay (@guest_158)
Reply to  Yumiko
5 years ago

Reviewing 10 shows in a week is really a challenge. XD I guess no matter how difficult the challenge may seems, if you like it, you’ll do it. As there’s a saying, when there’s a will, there is way. Please keep it up with the efforts!! I’m sure the website will do great with all the continuous efforts!! Good luck (^^)/