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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 45

by Yumiko

Fight on!

While Asta and Kiato take on Vetto, one of our other Bulls is having a fight of their own. Gauche has found himself a opponent that won’t go down easily. The only way he can pull off a victory is if his foe underestimates him, although how will he manage that? Maybe some help from a certain transforming crab is in order. Grey’s help did just the trick, still more enemies are right around the corner. Unfortunately, Gauche won’t be able to fight this one. He’s been caught in a trap, but this doesn’t mean it’s the end. Another comrade is within viewing distant, however there’s just one problem. She’s been put to sleep. Well, there’s only one way to wake this sleeping beauty. Someone is after your meal, Charmy, and he’s wearing white. Don’t ever mess with this girl’s food, or else!

This week’s episode shifted the focus off the main fight for the most part. Gauche and the girls had to take care of their own business. Oh, and when I say girls, well Grey’s true identity was finally revealed during this episode. There’s no need to hide any longer, Grey. Moreover, Asta has found himself in quite the troubling situation. Vetto’s despair may not crush his spirit, but something of his is being crushed. Pay attention to those arms, everyone. Anyhow, ready to experience the unlikely trio? Enjoy the meal!





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Don’t think the path of despair is letting up anytime soon. We’ve only just gotten warmed up. Join us for more Black Clover each week here at, Anime Solution!

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