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Overlord III T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Your village is under attack!

Lupusregina’s test has begun. Ainz has instructed his new minions to assault Carne Village. Now, normally this would be a massacre at any old village. However, Carne Village has been preparing for this day. They will not be helplessly slaughtered like last time. All the defenders are willing to put their lives on the line in order to protect the village. While the battle rages on at the front gate, Nfirea and Enri head back into the village. They have returned to make sure everyone has evacuated safely. Unfortunately, they are met with danger. A troll has climbed over the wall, and he’s after blood. These two can only hope to buy time, yet tricks won’t last long on this troll. The troll’s fixation upon Nfirea is unstoppable. As such, Enri has no choice but to go back for help. Before she goes, Nfirea drops a sudden confession. Just in-case the worse come to worst, Enri now knows his true feelings. Regardless, Nfirea can only stall for so long. Once he was corned it looked to be game over. Fortunately, someone got a test to complete. Lupusregina is here to save the day at most crucial moment. With the troll’s defeat victory is cheered across the village. Carne will stand another day.

Lupusregina protected her charges, well barely. Still, she got the job done. Before leaving for the night, she let the couple know they are invited to Ainz’s home. Ainz’s has invited them to dinner. This dinner celebration is in honor of Nfirea’s recent success in potion creation. Moreover, this episode signals the end of an arc. That’s right, no more goblins or Enri. We’re moving onto bigger things! Anyhow, ready to put your life on the line? Enjoy the fine dining!





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It’s the beginning of a new arc next time. Now, be sure to continue to join us for much more Overlord here at, Anime Solution!

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