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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 44

by Yumiko

It’s two friends against despair.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun has come to claim the magic stone, but they’re not here to play any games. All those that stand before them will have their hope crushed by despair. Now, since play time is over, Yami has no choice but to take to the field. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible. One of the members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun has locked him in place. As such, those already on the field are on their own. That means every member of the Bulls must push beyond their limits to take down, Vetto. This rise to the occasion has already gotten two member all fired up. Luck and Magna are first to confront, Vetto. However, does their friendship stand up to this beast of a man. Vetto’s overwhelming despair could break anyone, yet these two are not willing to rest easy. They’ll be giving it their all, still will it be enough?

Today’s episode highlights one of my favorite parts about Black Clover. Black Clover isn’t just Asta’s story. It’s Asta and the Black Bulls story. If you haven’t noticed previously, then note that all fight now and going forward are a combined victory through teamwork. That’s right, Asta never stands alone. His teammates are always beside him along the way. Now, while this may lead some to believe Asta is on the weaker side, don’t fret. He always gets his moment to shine. Regardless, what Luck and Magna presented today was very commendable. Taking on one of the Three Eyes is no easy feat. Anyhow, let’s get to that explosive action. Enjoy today’s taste of despair.





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