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Steins;Gate 0 T.V. Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

The truth shall set her free.

Mayuri has always vaguely known what was going down at the lab, but the fine details were never given to her. Keeping her in the dark was apart of Okabe’s plan, however she can no longer stand by idly. The Okabe she loves is no longer around due to her actions. Confronting Suzuha for the truth finally made her realize this. Moreover, Suzuha has decided that she can wait no longer. It’s time for her to travel back 1 year before Kurisu’s death. Now, Mayuri doesn’t wish to see Suzuha go, yet at the same time this opens up a unique opportunity. She now has the chance to change her decision on that fateful day. By doing this it also opens up a pathway for the Steins Gate world line. Unfortunately, these recent chain of events has caused the enemy to act. The Amadeus system has been hacked, and those behind it have found out the existences of Suzuha’s time machine. Upon the rooftop is where everything will collide at once.

The rooftop scene is the major piece for episode 17, although there’s one issue with it. We’re left off on a cliffhanger. Cutting off right at the climax of the scene was probably not for the best, but they gotta get us to come back somehow. Regardless, we’ll be seeing the fate of several characters next time. Blood has been spilled, but does it mean the end? Anyhow, ready for the shoot out? Enjoy the media!


This frame hurts my head. I’m not talking about the art, but the armed assailants behind Suzuha. What are they even doing?!

They should both be dead. No questions about it.




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We’ve got plenty of more to cover. So, keep on time leaping around here at, Anime Solution!

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