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Fate/Apocrypha Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

She knows his fate.

Sieg may have been given the gift of life, but at a great cost. Those on the Black are not pleased once they reach the scene. They have lost their most powerful servant, and for what? The life of a homunculus means nothing to them, yet what dwells within him could be of use. Fortunately, Ruler won’t be letting that happen. Sieg is not apart of this war, thus he falls under her protection. The forces of Black have to begrudgingly accept this. A fight with Ruler would be a disaster. Now, with Ruler’s protection Sieg is free to live a normal life. Ruler even goes the extra mile to guide him to a place where he can begin. However, she knows what she’s doing is all in vain. Sieg’s fate is entwined deeply within this war. Ruler can push him away as far as she likes, still he will find his way back to the battlefield.

Episode 5 is a slight break from the action. The forces of Black have just sustained a heavy loss, and they are missing their assassin. Finding out the whereabouts of their assassin will be their focus starting next time. Additionally, Assassin of Black has made quite a name for themselves. She’s been on quite the murderous rampage. Nothing taste better than the heart of a magi, right? Anyways, even those on the Red can’t ignore her. Saber of Red and her Master will be joining in next time, as well. Lastly, if you haven’t caught on yet, then know that the majority of the Masters on the Red side have been duped. Under Shirou’s guiding hand they’ve been dancing to his tune. Now, they will be handing over all their command spells. The war is over for them, or so they’re told. Anyhow, the first major clash is soon to come. So, enjoy today’s peace!





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This brief peace will not last. Action is always waiting around the corner. So, be sure to join us for much more here at, Anime Solution!


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